Yr 2

What did we do in semester 2?

To begin the semester students looked at body management activities such as balances, cart wheels, hand stands, forward rolls and partner/group balances. Following this we looked at athletics activities. We discussed what a race really is and what a race requires to be fair, such as a start line, finish line, competitors moving the same way and same direction. Our year 2s are a very creative bunch as they showed they could invent their own races and test them out in small groups. In these small groups we had to learn to listen to each other and take turns at trying everyone’s ideas. We also explored what field events are, how winners are determined, and what equipment we need to help us play these simple activities.

In fourth term we played striking and fielding games such as ‘bucketball’. We have played whole class games as well as small group games. In small groups we had a go at organising ourselves which isn’t easy. We explored the different ways we can strike tennis balls and how to direct them where we want them to go. Finally we finished the year off with simple ‘keepy off’ style games. In these activities students were introduced to the idea of moving into space to get clear of opponents.

IMG_4817 IMG_4794 IMG_0410 IMG_4499 IMG_4467 IMG_1014 IMG_4829 IMG_5845 IMG_5844 IMG_5751 IMG_5750 IMG_5744

In Yr 2 we have been trying some remarkable things. Take a look:

In athletics we have been analysing what a race really is – what is needed for a fair race, and ho we can conduct our own fair races in small groups. We have also been introduced to what field events are all about. These are competitions to see who can land an object the furthest away.

IMG_4827 IMG_4817

IMG_4794 IMG_4829


Students have been introduced to the skills, tactics and rules of invasion and target games. Our Yr 2 students are encouraged to use space to their advantage. We experimented with different ways of kicking soccer balls and footballs to see which ones we preferred.

IMG_0097 IMG_2506 IMG_3007 IMG_3113 IMG_3488




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