Vision Statement

Vision Statement: Why PE at Queen of Apostles?

Enriching the lives of our students

by developing mind, body, spirit and community

through play.

ie. Learn to do clever things with your mind, fun things with your body and good things with your heart with friends, family, in the community and on your own.

Mission Statement: How will this vision be achieved?

With sport and physical activity as its context, and by

celebrating individual differences, our mission is to

provide a variety of experiences through which its members

develop mental skills,

physical skills,

social skills and a

sense of community in a

safe and

stimulating environment.

QoA PE Core values:

#1 Creativity 

  • We engage in problem solving.
  • We create new inventions and engage in exploration.
  • We seek alternatives.
  • We reflect on our learning and plan ahead.


#2 Excellence 

  • We always give our best effort.
  • We are dedicated to improving our abilities.
  • We set goals and challenges for ourselves.
  • We celebrate achievements, big and small.

#3 Resilience 

  • We see failures as lessons.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We bounce back when things go wrong.
  • We keep trying and never give up.


#4 Respect 

  • We treat everyone how we would like to be treated.
  • We treat individuals fairly and equally.
  • We include all members in our activities.
  • We strive for a high level of cooperation and teamwork.