Queenies Kids

Calisthenics Kids!

Over the past few weeks a number of Queenies kids competed in the State Solo and Duo Calisthenics competition.  Competitors from Queenies were:

Natasha Hodgkinson

Georgina Pendleton

Jodie Ophel

Emma Naim

Caitlin Hodgkinson

Abbey Sullivan

Jodie and Emma

All the girls performed beautifully and we had a number of medal winners:

Natasha                                               2nd in 8 Year Old Solo Open

Georgina (and partner)                 3rd in 9 Year Old Duo Novice

Jodie                                                     1st in 10 Year Old Solo Novice

Emma and Jodie                               1st in 10 Year Old Duo Novice

Mountain Bike Bandit!


Elliott won 3rd place in the State Mountain Bike Championship in Margaret River on the weekend for under 9!!! Well done Elliott!


Queenies year 4 girls t their hockey wind-up.


Queenies families at the City to Surf.

Congratulations Layla!

Layla came 1st out of 19 competitors in her Jazz Solo at Mandurah Dance Festival over the holidays.  Her song was “What I Like About You”.
In her Lyrical Solo she placed Honourable Mention (4th) out of 23 competitors and she danced her Own Choreography. Her song was “Earth Song”.
Her dance school is ‘Dance For Fun”.


Perfect Beach Weather for Alistair

Over the long weekend Alistair Williams from 5.2 travelled to Margaret River to compete in a surfing competition.  The surf conditions were EPIC.


Congratulations to Alistair for winning the Encouragement Award, taking home a Coastal Life Surf Shop voucher.

Table Tennis Triumph!

Primary School Competition 2015-8Primary School Competition 2015-2Primary School Competition 2015-13IMG_4914 IMG_4917 IMG_4916 IMG_4915

Junior Graded-60 Junior Graded-36 Junior Graded-34 Junior Graded-32 Junior Graded-24 Junior Graded-16 Junior Graded-70

Calisthenics Stars!


Clarissa Armstrong, Hannah Wiedermann PP
Abbey Sullivan Year 4
Abbey Brouwers Year 3
Caitlin Hodgkinson Year 4
Natasha Hodgkinson Year 2
Georgina Pendleton Year 2
Leila Brouwers Year 2
Absent from photo – Molly Lavery Year 4 & Jodie Ophel Year 3

image6 image12 image1 image3 image13

All the girls had a great time on stage performing and they had some outstanding results:

Hanna & Clarissa 7 yr old Duo – 4th
Georgina & her partner 8 yr old Duo – 5th
Natasha 7 yr old Solo – 4th
Jodie 9 yr old Solo – 4th & Duo with her partner – 2nd

Congratulations girls on these fantastic results, well done!!

If you are interested in finding out more about this great sport or would like to join a club for next year, please feel free to email
Allison Hodgkinson


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