Calm Kids Returns

After some time away, Calm Kids returned last week for a large bunch of students who were glad to see it back. Calm kids is a session where Queenies kids can come in to the library  (Friday lunch time) and engage in quiet, calm activities. The room is dimly lit, soft music plays, and the students have a range of mindful activities to engage in, such as colouring in, fine motor activities, or simply sitting amongst the calm and stillness.

Calm Kids is optional, and students can come and go as they please. It is a quiet place where we don’t talk, and it offers a ‘sanctuary’ to get away from the business and noisiness of school life.

Calm Kids will continue each and every Friday lunch time whenever possible.

Colouring in.
Coloured stones – great for making mosaic creations.
Separating coloured beads.
Glitter jars.
Cards – sorting activities.

Athletics Carnival Important Information

Dear Queenies Community, 
Below is a list of points about the 2018 Athletics carnivals.  

 Athletics practice: 

  • Commences Week 9 on Tuesdays, starting 11 September (field events- Yr 3-6 only) and Fridays (running events – PP-6) both at 8.20am on the Annexe oval.  
  • Each student who comes along to training earns points for their faction towards the ‘Bonus Points Shield’. 

 Carnival #1: 

  • Tuesday 23 October from 9.15am @ Langford Oval (Wingrove Ave, Langford) for all students in Years 3 – 6. 
  • Events include sprints, 200m, 400m, long jump, shot put, turbojav and novelty events  
  • Trials for these events take place at school prior to the carnival during P.E./Sport lessons.  
  • The top 8 boys and top 8 girls in each year compete in shot put, long jump and turbojav. 
  • All students participate in a sprint, vortex and team turbojav. 
  • All students compete in 200m races. 
  • Students can nominate themselves for the 400m races on the day. 
  • All competitors participate in the tug-o-war and ‘Lifesaver Relay’.  
  • A detailed programme with bus permission will be available soon. 


Carnival #2: 

  • Thursday 25 October @ Queenies for PP – 2 (9.30 – 11.30am) and Yr 3 –6 (12.30 – 3pm). 
  • Events include 4 novelty events, sprints (50m for PP-2, 70m for 3-6), and shuttle relays. 
  • There will be Kindy and toddler races in the morning session. 
  • There will also be opportunities for parent involvement. 
  • A detailed programme will be available soon. 



Champion events for year level champion and runner up medal winners are: 

  • Yr 3- Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division only). 
  • Yr 4-6 – Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division), shot put. 


Ross Bridgeman 

Physical Education Teacher. 

Hockey Star on the Rise!

Ex-Queenie Seraphina Andrew represented WA in the SSWA National Hockey Tournament recently held in Newcastle. Seraphina scored a great deflection goal vs SA. Her first at national level. Seraphina had a great tournament. She was on top form, dribbling, making solid overlapping runs and doing a great job as first runner in defensive penalty corners. She showed her skills with her dribble past some of the best players in her age group. She showed us all that she can play at that level.

Congratulations Seraphina!


Proud of our Cross Country Kids

Well done to our hardworking team for their determined efforts today. Great to see these spirited kids try their best for the blue and gold. They were up against some tough opposition, but held their heads up high and pushed right through to the finish.

Although we placed 9th overall, we finished in 4th place in the A.P.P.S. (Average Points Per Student) Shield. A great effort from one of the smallest schools there.

Miss Laity was very appreciative of our year 6 leaders who were a great help all day long. We also had many parents and grandparents in support. Thank you to those who offered to help out with our course marshal obligations.

Special mention must go to Sienna Lilly for placing second.

file-4 (1).jpeg

Thank you also to Hudson Pereira, and Isabella and Amelia Detata for filling in at late notice when others could not compete.

If you were there and took some photos that you are happy to share, please email them to

#goqueenies     #happyandhealthy

Magdlen Triumph…..Twice!

Congratulations to Magdlen who took out both shields in the recent Cross Country Carnival held at school. The final placings were:

Magdlen 250.9, Luemmen 248.4, Flynn 248.0, Canning 247.3

Flynn also won the ‘Bonus Points’ Shield, thanks largely to the many Magdlen parents and grandparents who participated in the ‘Parents/Teachers’ run in the middle of the programme. Credit must also go to Luemmen who had the most before-school laps completed at running practice leading up to the day.

Our champion runners were:

Yr 3 – Mary Massoud and Kyle Willesen

Yr 4 – Emmy Bekink and Deacon hollow

Yr 5 – Sienna Lilly and Brodie Davey

Yr 6 – Isabella Alves-Veira and Michael McFerrin.

Distance running is  a difficult event – both physically and mentally. We can be proud of all our students for their bravery, determination and effort on the day. I believe that through challenges such as cross country, our students will grow in resilience and character. There were many ‘magic moments’ on the day – little success stories of achievement, sportsmanship and friendship.


Thank you to the many parents and grandparents for their support of our students at this event. Your cheering and clapping for ALL our students was much appreciated, and says a lot about the community at this school!

Thank you to our wonderful teachers for their ongoing support for the Physical Education programme at Queenies. We are lucky to have such a dedicated staff.

And a final pat on the back for our students. You make us proud every day.

If you have any photos from the day that you are happy to share, please email them to

#goqueenies        #happyandhealthy

Queenies Sports Stars in the Community

Congratulations to Seraphina Andrew (ex-Queenies) for being selected in the State School Sports Under 12 Hockey Team. From 86 girls competing for spots, Seraphina made the team of 14. Her SSWA under 12 team recently won the U/14 carnival held in Bunbury. She will compete in the National Championships in Newcastle in August. Fantastic Sera, well done!


Our very own Josh Taylor was the team mascot recently for the East Fremantle Sharks at their WAFL game.  I am sure this was a thrill for this footy fan! Thanks for the pics Josh!

Eagles Cup #2 and #3 and Lightning Carnival information

Eagles cup #2

  • Friday 8th June 2018
  • Bus leaves Queenies at 1.00pm
  • Netball and football at Oberthur P.S, Nicholls Crescent, Bull Creek
  • Soccer at Trevor Gribble Reserve, Cnr Karel Ave and Parry Ave, Bull Creek.
  • Matches start at 1.30pm
  • Spectators welcome.


Eagles cup #3

  • Friday 15th June 2018
  • Bus leaves Queenies at 1.00pm
  • Netball A and B and football at Bull Creek P.S, Hardy Rd, Bull Creek
  • Netball C and Soccer teams have scratch matches at Queenies
  • Matches start at 1.30pm
  • Spectators welcome.


Lightning Carnival

  • Tuesday 19th June 2018
  • Buses leave 8.30am
  • Netball at Fremantle Netball Association, High St, Fremantle.
  • Soccer at Beale Park, Cnr Hamilton Rd and Spearwood Ave, Spearwood.
  • Football at Santich Park, Asquith St, Munster.
  • All matches start approx 9.20am
  • This is an all-day event – buses return to Queenies by 3.00pm
  • There are canteens available at each venue.

For further info and fixtures click here: