Other Activities

Clontarf Visits!

Our year 2 students have been treated to clinics from Clontarf students on some Fridays this term. Our kids just loved having visitors at our school to teach them some new and fun games to play.


 ‘Littlies Lapathon’

It was great to see so many students, parents and grandparents exercising at the ‘Littlies’ Lap-a-thon’ last week. It was a fun way to exercise – and the big message is: ‘If you make exercise fun – it’s easy to do!’ Some students completely filled their lap card, and many students took home spot prizes.

IMG_6186 IMG_6188 IMG_6190 IMG_6191 IMG_6197 IMG_6207 IMG_6219 IMG_6235

Before School Fitness

IMG_3572      IMG_3571IMG_3671IMG_3871IMG_3493

On Wednesday mornings at 8.15am students have engaged in a variety of physical activities.

Westcoast Eagles Visit.

IMG_4434 IMG_4436

Bradd Dalzeil, Rick ‘The Rock’ Eagle and Jeremy McGovern from the Westcoast Eagles paid a visit to speak to our students about a variety of health issues and deliver a football clinic to our Yr 6 classes.


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