Yr 6

Here is what our Year 6 students have been learning in Semester 2:

IMG_0780     IMG_1622

Invasion games: Students explored ways of creating and defending space in the context of ‘handball’. Students had the flexibility to modify rules as they needed to to make the game fair and inclusive.


IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4049

Net/wall games: Students explored what tactics and strategies were effective in these types of games, such as hitting away from their opponents to make it difficult for them to return.


IMG_0682 IMG_0691 IMG_5129 IMG_5458 IMG_3603 IMG_3677 IMG_5015 IMG_4363 Picture1

Athletics: some of the tasks included:

Maintaining their own PB card to record their progress in track and field events, learning to ‘pace’ themselves in distance events, analysing theirs and each other’s technique in various events, working as a team in novelty events for the carnival, practising leadership roles, and working in groups to invent their own track event.


Here is a snapshot of what our Yr 6 students have been learning in semester 1:

IMG_3878 IMG_3888 IMG_3893 IMG_3914 IMG_3939 IMG_3986

Leaguetag. In this unit the focus was on game concepts and strategies such as keeping possession of the ball, defending space, attacking space and creating space.


IMG_2613 IMG_2617 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2718 IMG_2723

Basketball Unit. This involved developing basketball specific skills, along with rules, strategies and umpiring. Students also had the opportunity to design skills tests and set plays. Videos were taken of each student shooting a free throw and screen shots of that footage was used to analyse their body positioning against  ‘text book’ shooting styles.


IMG_2211 IMG_2385 IMG_2404 IMG_2434 IMG_1927IMG_1950


Sport Education Unit. In this module the students set up, organised and ran their own volleyball tournament. Each student had a role to play on match day as either coach, umpire, administrator or photographer. This was a great opportunity for the students to get a glimpse of what is involved in running a competition.

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