Yr 3

Semester 2 P.E.

A large portion of semester 2 focuses on athletics. This sport is a great context for learning many physical, social and cognitive skills that students can apply to everyday life. Students make discoveries about their own and others’ abilities, and how we are all very different. Some students have great endurance while others have great speed or strength.

Students in year 3 were introduced to measurements and times and how they can be used to set goals and monitor progress. They were also introduced to the intricacies of technique and how little adjustments can make a big difference to performance.There were many opportunities for working in groups which requires cooperation and teamwork.

In fourth term we have been learning about striking and fielding games, particularly with regard to what decisions players need to make when they are striking (batting) and fielding, such as where to throw the ball, and where is best to stand in order to minimise the batter’s chance of making runs. There were times when students worked on their own modified activities in groups. They could modify the rules of their activity as they needed to as well as umpire and score themselves.

IMG_4107IMG_4089IMG_4091IMG_4092IMG_4096IMG_4100IMG_3563 IMG_0286 IMG_1477 IMG_1508 IMG_1520

Here is some of what our Yr 3 stars get up to in PE:

Students investigate the rules and strategies of invasion style games such as hockey, netball and Aussie Rules football. They practice the skills and test their abilities against each other individually and in small group situations. Through discussions we try to answer the ‘Whats’ and ‘Whys’ that the students come up with. A big focus has been on fair play and sportsmanship. Also we have explored other ways of exercising and having fun when the weather keeps us indoors.

IMG_3054 IMG_3127 IMG_3155 IMG_3343 IMG_3349 IMG_3439 IMG_3440


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