Semester 2 PE with our Kindy Kids.

Our Kindy students have progressed a long way since the start of the year. They have learnt about the language, physicality and spatial requirements of outdoor games. We have focussed on personal space, using equipment and playing with partners. There are many rules to remember in our games such as staying within boundaries, taking turns, sharing equipment and playing safely.

There are a lot of different environments to explore such as grass, sand, hills, trees, climbing equipment, hard floors, large rooms and open spaces. We have discussed what happens to our breathing and our heart beat after we have been exercising, and we can demonstrate the difference between fast, slow, loud, quiet, walking, jogging and running. Our Kindy kids can imitate the movements of a variety of different animals and vehicles as well as attempt a variety of balances. Most importantly we have fun which encourages us to play and exercise more.

IMG_5003 IMG_4316 IMG_4070 IMG_4071 IMG_4052IMG_4325 IMG_4438 IMG_5153 IMG_5452 IMG_3560 IMG_3592 IMG_5001


Semester 1:

Our Kindy kids have enjoyed getting outside to play in a variety of spaces around the school. Their introduction to sport has included responding to the whistle, staying within the boundaries of our play area and learning new terminology such as dodge, chase, start line, finish line, skip, side step, gallop etc. We practice hand-eye skills such as throwing, catching, rolling and bouncing. We have explored the different ways we can travel in the play area, sometimes mimicking the movements of animals, and we are learning to take turns and share equipment. Our Kindy kids are finding out that playing games outside can get us puffed and sweaty, but this is ok because it just means we are exercising, and exercise is good for us and is a lot of fun.

IMG_3733 IMG_3731 IMG_3696 IMG_3471 IMG_3130

IMG_3123 IMG_3118 IMG_3056


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