Athletics Carnival

Congratulations and well done to our wonderful school community for such a huge effort over the two days of competition. Our students tried their best and participated in fine spirit. Our teachers worked hard to make sure our kids were looked after and enjoyed themselves. Our parents and grandparents helped make a fantastic atmosphere and contributed in many ways to ensure the carnival was a success.

There were many moments during the carnival that made us proud. These events bring out the best in our students and community, and we can all take away precious memories.

Flynn made it 3 in a row by winning the outright shield, narrowly beating Luemmen. Magdlen took out the ‘Bonus Points’ shield.

Final Scores:

Flynn 1562, Luemmen 1541, Magdlen 1518, Canning 1465

Individual medal winners were:

Yr 3 Champions: Saumia panchalingham and Bailey Minderman

Yr 3 Runners-up: Emmy Bekink and Deacon Hollow

Yr 4 Champions: Charissa Kheng and Brodie Davey

Yr 4 Runners-up: Sienna Lilly and Jo-han Lam

Yr 5 Champions: Summer McCann and Flynn Clemo

Yr 5 Runners-up: Natasha Hodgkinson and Matthew Radojkovich

Yr 6 Champions: Alicia Herbert and Jeff Douce

Yr 6 Runners-up: Jodie Ophel and Jensen Herbert

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More pics from the two days:

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So far…..

We had a wonderful day last Thursday for Day #1 of our athletics carnival. The weather was perfect, and the kids were ready to perform. We had a great turnout of spectators to cheer on our students, and to lend a hand at the various activities. There was great speed, strength, skill and stamina on display from our athletes which was a pleasure to watch. Champion medals have been decided, but these will be announced on Day #2.

The scores so far:

Flynn 802

Canning 695

Magdlen 691

Luemmen 665


We look forward to another exciting day this Friday 20th at Queenies. Bring a chair or a picnic blanket and enjoy this community event. There will be opportunities to get involved, and there will be a cake stall with food and drinks available.

We hope to see you there.

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Ready, Set…….

All is ready for our Day #1 this Thursday 12th October at Langford Oval. All trials have been completed, so students and parents can view the divisions and start lists on the yellow notice board in the corridor outside the learning support room.

We hope to get many spectators along to support our students and enjoy the day. Parents are welcome to contribute to the carnival by way of assisting the teachers in charge of each event. As you follow your child(ren) around during the day, you may be able to assist with raking the sand pit, measuring jumps, awarding places, writing in measurements etc. Teachers will organise each event, but parent assistance is always welcome. If this sounds like you, please make yourself known to the teachers in charge.

All other relevant info can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Quick Search Notes and Info’ tab at the top.

Good luck to all our students. Let’s hope it is a fun and rewarding day!

Proud Of Our Cross Country Team

Well done to our team for the super effort they put in at Tuesday’s carnival in Spearwood. In such challenging races, against tough opposition, our runners made us proud by pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion. Although we finished in 9th place, it certainly didn’t feel like that, as we had many students finish in the top third for their race.

We won the first race of the day through Bailey Minderman (yr 3 boys) and the last race of the day through Alicia Herbert (Yr 6 girls).

Special mention must go to 4 runners who filled in at the last minute for original squad members who couldn’t run on the day. We appreciate their effort and team spirit: Seraphina Andrew, Sam Norrish, Isabella Detata and Jayden Haryman.

Thanks you to Miss Laity for helping train the squad, Mr Iannello for helping on the day, and the many parent helpers and spectators who supported our team.

I commend our team once again for their effort – it is sign of great character in our students to bravely push themselves to their limits. Well done Queenies!


#happyandhealthy    #wearequeenies

Save the Date(s)

Below is a list of points about the 2017 Athletics carnivals. Students and parents can read these details to be informed about the events. 
Athletics practice:

  • Commences Week 9 on Tuesdays (field events- Yr 3-6 only) and Fridays (running events – PP-6) all at 8.20am on the Annexe oval.
  • Each student who comes along to training earns points for their faction towards the ‘Bonus Points Shield’.


Carnival #1:

  • Thursday 12 October from 9.15am @ Langford Oval (Wingrove Ave, Langford) for all years 3 – 6.
  • Events include sprints, 200m, 400m, long jump, shot put, turbojav and novelty events
  • Trials for these events take place at school prior to the carnival during P.E./Sport lessons.
  • The top 8 boys and top 8 girls in each year compete in shot put, long jump and turbojav.
  • All students participate in a sprint, vortex and team turbojav.
  • All students compete in 200m races.
  • Students can nominate for the 400m races on the day.
  • All competitors participate in the tug-o-war and ‘Lifesaver Relay’.
  • A programme with bus permission will be available later this term.


Carnival #2:

  • Friday 20 October @ Queenies for PP – 2 (9.30 – 11.30am) and Yr 3 –6 (12.30 – 3pm).
  • Events include 4 novelty events, sprints (50m for PP-2, 70m for 3-6), and shuttle relays.
  • There will be Kindy and toddler races in the morning session.
  • There will also be races and activities for parent involvement!
  • A detailed programme will be available later this term.

Champion events for year level champion and runner up medal winners are:

  • Yr 3- Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division only).
  • Yr 4-6 – Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division), shot put.


#wearequeenies        #happyandhealthy


WACA Visit

Josh and Rob from the WACA spoke at our Monday gathering assembly to promote the upcoming cricket season, and encouraged all students to consider having a go at cricket.

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FullSizeRender 3 copy.jpg   FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpg

Following this, our year 5 classes were treated to cricket clinics. The students were taken through some cricket skills and fun bating and bowing games. The sessions were thoroughly enjoyed and even extended out into recess for other students to join in during the break.

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Effort the Key.

Last Thursday saw our year 3 – 6 students push themselves in a physically and mentally challenging event – Faction Cross Country.

The weather was kind and the support was huge, with many parents, grandparents and siblings turning out to cheer on our runners. There were plenty of nerves before each race, but they were overcome and replaced with determination. It was such a rewarding experience for teachers, parents and classmates to see students dig deep and show resilience to complete the course. It is through events such as this that we can build resilience in our students – to give them the opportunity to face challenges, both mental and physical, and prove to themselves that nerves, discomfort and self doubt are temporary. Tough times pass, but tough people carry on.

Thank you to the many supporters for not only cheering for your children and your faction, but for supporting every last runner in each race too. You made each student feel worthy of admiration and kindness. Thank you to our wonderful staff for their efforts in helping in a variety of roles. Our new faction captains played an important part in the event, and I look forward to more of these opportunities this semester. Finally well done to our runners for accepting the challenge, facing their fears, pushing themselves past discomfort and showing such spirit.

Canning won the day with Luemmen collecting the ‘Bonus Points’ shield. For a list of our top 5 place getters, click here: team list 17


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