Magdlen Magic!

Congratulations to Magdlen for winning this year’s Faction Swimming Carnival.

The day included 100m, 50m and 25m races, relays, novelty events and a parent/teacher race. There were opportunities for all students to compete and have fun in the water. Our year 3s were exposed to their first Queenies swim carnival, and they enjoyed their chance to get in the water for 25m races, noodle races and kick board races.

There were excellent performances in the pool, with many students showing their skill and fitness. Just as impressive was the determination shown by those challenging themselves to do their best in difficult events. The respect and support shown by all spectators was a tribute to the attitude and spirit of this community.

Once again there was plenty of support from the parents and grandparents to help create a supportive atmosphere for our students. Thank you to all those who came along, especially the place judges and parents who swam with our 25m swimmers, and for helping our novelty events.

Thanks also to our wonderful teachers and staff at Queenies for their ongoing support.

The results:

Magdlen – 317 points

Flynn – 210 points

Luemmen – 202 points

Canning – 177 points

Bonus Points Shield winner – Luemmen


Champions and Runners -up

Year 4 Champions – Kyle Willesen and Laura Chadwick

Yr 4 Runners-up – Tom Meek and Olivia Lilley

Yr 5 Champions – Joseph Kelleher and Imogen Watters

Yr 5 Runners-up – Deacon Hollow and Chloe Taylor

Yr 6 Champions – Charissa Kheng and Nathan Watters

Yr 6 Runners-up – Sienna Lilly and Jien McKenzie



Swim Trials Complete

With the help of a dedicated bunch of parents we were able to get through all trials needed to place students into divisions for our swimming carnival on March 12th. Students were timed for 50m freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Year 5 and 6 students will be able to nominate themselves for 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle next week.

It was obvious to see that a lot of students swim regularly. Their strokes and stamina were superb. I was pleasing to see many of our students come along to have a go at competitive swimming – to see for themselves if they are ready for swimming carnival races.

And how wonderful was it to see students encouraging their classmates to finish the lap when they were struggling with the distance! Gotta love the spirit amongst these kids!

Students who were not able to swim these trials, but would like to swim in our 50m events will be slotted into an appropriate division next week. The divisions will be posted up on the sports noticeboard asap.

Thank you to Mrs Terrell, Mrs Anton, Mrs Lilly, Mrs Fenwick, Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Harrison and mr Kelleher for their help.

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Calling Volunteers!

re: Parent Help at Swim Trials and Carnival

We would like to ask parents for some assistance with these events.

We require:

  • A few parents at the swim trials to operate a stopwatch and time our swimmers.
  • Place ribbon presenters at the finishing end at the carnival. We use an ipad to video the close finishes, and a teacher will be the ‘chief judge’.
  • Parent swimmers to assist in the water for our 25m swims and the novelty events. Bring your bathers and join in the fun!

If you can assist with any of these roles, please make yourself known to Mr B at the Leisureplex on the day. At Queenies we have always enjoyed wonderful assistance and participation from parents at our carnivals. Volunteering on occasions like this sets a great example for our students to follow.

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Save the Dates

It is wonderful to be back at Queenies for another year of learning, growth, friendships and achievements. I am excited to begin PE lessons this week, and looking forward to teaching science this year too.

As always it will be a busy year as we provide many and varied experiences for our students. Below are a list of dates for semester 1 to keep in mind to put in your diaries.

Swim Trials – yrs 4-6 (not compulsory) – Friday March 1st – 12.30pm – 2.00pm – week 4.

Faction Swimming Carnival – yrs 3 – 6 – Tuesday 12th March – week 6.

Yr 6 Camp – Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th March – week 7.

Inter-school Swimming Carnival – Tuesday 9th April – week 10.

Inter-school Basketball – selected players – Tuesday 21st May – week 5.

Eagles Cup – All yr 5 and 6 students – various Friday afternoons (TBC) in term 2

Lightning Carnival – All yr 5 and 6 students – Tuesday 25th June – week 9.


As dates for other events are confirmed they will be communicated.

Wishing you and your families the best in 2019.


Cricket Shield Winners!

Our year 5 girls team were triumphant in bringing home the CPSSA inter-school shield for their division last Thursday. They were undefeated in their 3 matches and had the higher runs for/runs against percentage to edge out Christ the King school to take the honours.

Also undefeated were our year 6 boys team, who played brilliantly to win their 3 games, taking many wickets while making a lot of runs along the way. However, their run rate wasn’t quite high enough to take top spot in their division.

Well done to our other teams – the year 6 girls (2-1) and the year 5 boys (1-2) who also played well against tough opposition. Once again Queen of Apostles showed that although we are smaller than the other schools, we play hard and work well together to produce fine performances whenever we compete at inter-school level.

Thank you to Gary Edmonds and Panchalingham Markandu for their expert coaching and vibrant enthusiasm – it made all the difference. Thank you to miss laity for helping the teams on the day, and to the many parents who came along to support our teams. I think once again Queenies had the best support crew!


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Inters Aths Improvers

Well done to our team for great performance at last week’s carnival. Over two days our athletes pushed themselves to achieve an improved 6th spot overall, and a third place in the APPS (average points per student) shield. This is a great result from the smallest school in the competition.

Queenies had many places in shot put, long jump, turbojav, 400m, 200m, sprints and relays. It was a fun couple of days and a great way for our students to gain valuable experience in competitive situations. In these events they learn to cope with anxiety, they learn to prepare themselves to perform their best, and to learn from mistakes. From all reports our team conducted themselves very well, showing sportsmanship and support for one another.

Thank you to Miss Laity, Mr Iannello and Mrs Barham for their help with, and to Mr Markandu for his help at training.

2018-11-13 05.17.07

Special mention goes to Mary Massoud  and Alice Cosmelli  for receiving medals (Yr 3 girls Gold and Bronze respectively).

2018-11-13 05.43.22


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