Magdlen Double!

Congratulations to Magdlen for taking out both shields in this year’s Faction Athletics Carnival.

Our students competed over two days in a variety of track and field, and novelty events. Both days were the culmination of a whole term’s work in PE, as all classes prepared for the big day to show our families, friends and themselves just what they are capable of. There were many ‘magic moments’ over the two days where students showed outstanding sportsmanship, determination and resilience.

The support from our community was once again outstanding with many parents and grandparents chipping in to help in a variety of ways, and joining in with novelty events and races. Finally, as always, our teachers were exceptional in helping put together this event for the benefit of our students. These carnivals are a tremendous opportunity for students to experience the highs and lows of sport, and then take these life lessons with them as they continue to develop and grow.

The results:

Outright Shield:

Magdlen 1187, Flynn 1065, Luemmen 1047, Canning 951.

Bonus Points Shield:

Magdlen 299, Luemmen 252, Flynn 229, Canning 165.

Champs and runners-up:

Yr 3 Champs – Ella Fair and Bryn Wilson

Yr 3 Runners-up – Emma Thomas and Noah Potthast

Yr 4  Champs – Mary Massoud and Kyle Willesen

Yr 4 Runners-up – Chantelle Barr and Alex Terrell

Yr 5  Champs – Saumia Panchalingham and Deacon Hollow

Yr 5 Runners-up – Imogen Watters and Sonny Scriven

Yr 6  Champs – Zia Daby and Jo-Han Lam

Yr 6 Runners-up – Sienna Lilly and Nathan Watters

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