Winter Sports Season Over

Our season of Winter sports is now over. It began in term one with Friday afternoon training where students chose their sport, met their coaches and began practicing skills and strategies. We managed to have a clear run of fine weather throughout all our training and match dates, and a Friday afternoon session of exercise and fun was the perfect way to finish the school week.

As Queenies is a smaller school than our competitors in terms of enrolment, we can be proud of our performances on the ovals, pitches and courts. Our students held their own and collected a bunch of wins in the Eagles Cup and Lightning Carnival. Special mention must go to our Netball B team who drew with two other schools to win their division at the Lightning carnival.

Another reason to be proud is the consistently high level of sportsmanship displayed whenever we leave our grounds and head out into the community. Win, lose or draw our students play hard to the end, and our behaviour out in the community is always of a high standard.

A very special thank you goes out to the many parents who gave up huge chunks of their time to give our students coaching and care on Friday afternoons and all day at the Lightning Carnival. They are Shane Lilly, Chris Wilkinson, Matt Davey, Dwayne Griffin, Kelvin Daby, Sharon Armstrong, Angela Goes, Ashley Goes, Sarah McIntyre, Hazel Mountford and Sarah Stapleton. Thanks also to Julie Norrish, Jo Scriven and Narelle Williams for helping wash uniforms and socks.

And finally to our hard working teachers who took care of our teams during the season – Ms Maloney, Mrs Boronovski, Miss Jacob, Mrs Spadaro, Mrs O’Brien, Miss Yaxley and Mrs Watkins. Thank you for your time and effort in making the program possible.

Enjoy these photos from football and netball. If you took any photos from any of the soccer matches, please forward them to

#goqueenies     #happyandhealthy




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