Inters Swimmers!

what a fantastic (and warm) day we had at Rockingham Aquatic Centre on Tuesday for the CPSSA Inter-school Swimming Carnival.

Our team had prepared very well during 6 sessions at the Leisreplex, and that hard work showed as our students put in hearty efforts in the pool. It is great for our kids to be exposed to this level of competition. They learn that hard work pays rewards, they learn to conquer their nervous, and they learn the value of belonging to a team.

Queenies Finished 6th overall (5th in the APPS shield) – not bad for a small school. we also had two medal winners – Kyle Willesen won the yr 4 boys silver medal, while Joseph Kelleher won the yr 5 boys bronze.

A big thank you to the many parents of our swimmers for getting them along to training with a lovely breakfast, and back to school again. We appreciate your effort. We also had a great number of supporters at the carnival to cheer our team on. Thank you.

Finally thank you to Miss Jacob, Mrs Watkins and Amelia Cosmelli for their help on the day. Miss Jacob uploaded a cool video montage of some photos onto our facebook page:

#goqueenies      #happyandhealthy


Sibling support!
The Mean Machine! 2nd!


Madam Butterfly!

IMG_4670  IMG_4663IMG_4652  IMG_4648 (1)


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