Magdlen Magic!

Congratulations to Magdlen for winning this year’s Faction Swimming Carnival.

The day included 100m, 50m and 25m races, relays, novelty events and a parent/teacher race. There were opportunities for all students to compete and have fun in the water. Our year 3s were exposed to their first Queenies swim carnival, and they enjoyed their chance to get in the water for 25m races, noodle races and kick board races.

There were excellent performances in the pool, with many students showing their skill and fitness. Just as impressive was the determination shown by those challenging themselves to do their best in difficult events. The respect and support shown by all spectators was a tribute to the attitude and spirit of this community.

Once again there was plenty of support from the parents and grandparents to help create a supportive atmosphere for our students. Thank you to all those who came along, especially the place judges and parents who swam with our 25m swimmers, and for helping our novelty events.

Thanks also to our wonderful teachers and staff at Queenies for their ongoing support.

The results:

Magdlen – 317 points

Flynn – 210 points

Luemmen – 202 points

Canning – 177 points

Bonus Points Shield winner – Luemmen


Champions and Runners -up

Year 4 Champions – Kyle Willesen and Laura Chadwick

Yr 4 Runners-up – Tom Meek and Olivia Lilley

Yr 5 Champions – Joseph Kelleher and Imogen Watters

Yr 5 Runners-up – Deacon Hollow and Chloe Taylor

Yr 6 Champions – Charissa Kheng and Nathan Watters

Yr 6 Runners-up – Sienna Lilly and Jien McKenzie


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