Swim Trials Complete

With the help of a dedicated bunch of parents we were able to get through all trials needed to place students into divisions for our swimming carnival on March 12th. Students were timed for 50m freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Year 5 and 6 students will be able to nominate themselves for 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle next week.

It was obvious to see that a lot of students swim regularly. Their strokes and stamina were superb. I was pleasing to see many of our students come along to have a go at competitive swimming – to see for themselves if they are ready for swimming carnival races.

And how wonderful was it to see students encouraging their classmates to finish the lap when they were struggling with the distance! Gotta love the spirit amongst these kids!

Students who were not able to swim these trials, but would like to swim in our 50m events will be slotted into an appropriate division next week. The divisions will be posted up on the sports noticeboard asap.

Thank you to Mrs Terrell, Mrs Anton, Mrs Lilly, Mrs Fenwick, Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Harrison and mr Kelleher for their help.

#wearequeenies  #happyandhealthy

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