Inters Aths Improvers

Well done to our team for great performance at last week’s carnival. Over two days our athletes pushed themselves to achieve an improved 6th spot overall, and a third place in the APPS (average points per student) shield. This is a great result from the smallest school in the competition.

Queenies had many places in shot put, long jump, turbojav, 400m, 200m, sprints and relays. It was a fun couple of days and a great way for our students to gain valuable experience in competitive situations. In these events they learn to cope with anxiety, they learn to prepare themselves to perform their best, and to learn from mistakes. From all reports our team conducted themselves very well, showing sportsmanship and support for one another.

Thank you to Miss Laity, Mr Iannello and Mrs Barham for their help with, and to Mr Markandu for his help at training.

2018-11-13 05.17.07

Special mention goes to Mary Massoud  and Alice Cosmelli  for receiving medals (Yr 3 girls Gold and Bronze respectively).

2018-11-13 05.43.22


2018-11-13 05.15.162018-11-13 04.56.312018-11-13 04.24.592018-11-13 05.16.022018-11-13 04.16.012018-11-13 04.09.562018-11-13 04.00.282018-11-13 03.59.062018-11-13 03.55.112018-11-13 03.54.412018-11-13 05.15.172018-11-13 03.53.592018-11-13 05.15.32

#goqueenies       #happyandhealthy

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