Faction Athletics

What a fantastic couple of days our school enjoyed last week – our annual Faction Athletics Carnival.

It took place over two days for our Pre-primary to year 6 students, participating in a wide variety of athletic and novelty events. Starting on Tuesday, our year 3-6 students travelled to Langford Oval for sprints, 200m, 400m, shot put, turbojav, vortex, long jump and novelty races in a fun filled day in the sun. There were many great individual performances, with several school records tumbling. The day finished with a parents’ race which was a lot of fun.

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2018-10-23 04.59.382018-10-23 04.31.132018-10-23 04.16.012018-10-23 04.11.59

IMG_14512018-10-23 02.27.37

2018-10-23 03.46.492018-10-23 03.06.382018-10-23 02.50.07-22018-10-23 02.48.242018-10-23 02.29.362018-10-23 02.18.442018-10-23 05.05.222018-10-23 05.09.202018-10-23 05.16.372018-10-23 05.24.102018-10-23 05.25.432018-10-23 05.30.132018-10-23 05.36.162018-10-23 05.53.322018-10-23 05.53.33

On Thursday our Day #2 commenced with our ‘littlies’ marching onto the Annex oval with colour and excitement. A large turn out of parents and grandparents enjoyed the novelty relays and sprints, before joining in with the ’round-n-back’ relay. After lunch it was the yr 3 – 6 students’ turn to show their stuff. Many close finishes in the novelty relays and sprints made the day very exciting, with the mixed baton relays the highlight. Once again the parents entertained the students with a ladies and mens race, followed by faction captains vs teachers tug-o-war.

2018-10-25 06.08.01-12018-10-25 05.39.242018-10-25 02.54.08-12018-10-25 04.32.322018-10-25 04.39.552018-10-25 04.55.11-22018-10-25 04.58.122018-10-25 05.01.332018-10-25 05.03.492018-10-25 05.13.03-22018-10-25 05.14.052018-10-25 05.19.472018-10-25 05.20.582018-10-25 05.27.50-12018-10-25 02.52.51-22018-10-25 01.39.33-12018-10-25 01.22.06-12018-10-25 02.43.28-12018-10-25 02.39.302018-10-25 01.20.40-22018-10-25 01.20.362018-10-25 02.38.17-22018-10-25 02.33.26-12018-10-25 01.20.352018-10-25 02.32.53-22018-10-25 02.27.01-12018-10-25 02.15.19-22018-10-25 02.10.50-12018-10-25 02.09.08-22018-10-25 01.57.09-12018-10-25 01.48.08

Congratulations to Magdlen for their triumphant win, edging out Flynn to take the shield.

The final scores:

Magdlen 1359, Flynn 1221, Leummen 1146, Canning 1106

It was Magdlen who also won the ‘Bonus Points’ shield, with the greatest accumulation of points from faction tokens, training points and parent involvement.


2018-10-25 06.30.23

Our individual champs and runners-up were:

Yr 3 Champions – Mary Massoud and Kyle Willesen

Yr 3 R/up – Alice Cosmelli and Alex Terrell

Yr 4 Champions – Saumia Panchalingham and Deacon Hollow

Yr 4 R/up – Imogen Watters and Sonny Scriven

Yr 5 Champions – Sienna Lilly and Jo-Han Lam

Yr 5 R/up – Charissa Kheng and Nathan Watters

Yr 6 Champions – Summer McCann and Michael McFerrin

Yr 6 R/up – Julie Marmite and Flynn Clemo

2018-10-25 06.24.182018-10-25 06.22.592018-10-25 06.21.392018-10-25 06.21.252018-10-25 06.21.132018-10-25 06.20.42

Thank you to the many parents and grandparents for helping create a fun and supportive atmosphere on both days. At Queenies we enjoy your wonderful support and it is much appreciated by the staff and students alike. Thank you for the many hands of help on both days too. Thank you to the P and F for all the work they do at Queenies – you are the best! Thank you to our leadership team of Mr O’Neill, Mrs Galbraith and Mrs Anderson for their support. To our wonderful teachers for their time, effort and dedication to providing enriching experiences for our students to enjoy.

And to our awesome students – well done on your efforts, sportsmanship, resilience and smiles. You are what we are all here for!

Thanks – Mr B.

#goqueenies      #happyandhealthy


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