Proud of our Cross Country Kids

Well done to our hardworking team for their determined efforts today. Great to see these spirited kids try their best for the blue and gold. They were up against some tough opposition, but held their heads up high and pushed right through to the finish.

Although we placed 9th overall, we finished in 4th place in the A.P.P.S. (Average Points Per Student) Shield. A great effort from one of the smallest schools there.

Miss Laity was very appreciative of our year 6 leaders who were a great help all day long. We also had many parents and grandparents in support. Thank you to those who offered to help out with our course marshal obligations.

Special mention must go to Sienna Lilly for placing second.

file-4 (1).jpeg

Thank you also to Hudson Pereira, and Isabella and Amelia Detata for filling in at late notice when others could not compete.

If you were there and took some photos that you are happy to share, please email them to

#goqueenies     #happyandhealthy

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