Magdlen Triumph…..Twice!

Congratulations to Magdlen who took out both shields in the recent Cross Country Carnival held at school. The final placings were:

Magdlen 250.9, Luemmen 248.4, Flynn 248.0, Canning 247.3

Flynn also won the ‘Bonus Points’ Shield, thanks largely to the many Magdlen parents and grandparents who participated in the ‘Parents/Teachers’ run in the middle of the programme. Credit must also go to Luemmen who had the most before-school laps completed at running practice leading up to the day.

Our champion runners were:

Yr 3 – Mary Massoud and Kyle Willesen

Yr 4 – Emmy Bekink and Deacon hollow

Yr 5 – Sienna Lilly and Brodie Davey

Yr 6 – Isabella Alves-Veira and Michael McFerrin.

Distance running is  a difficult event – both physically and mentally. We can be proud of all our students for their bravery, determination and effort on the day. I believe that through challenges such as cross country, our students will grow in resilience and character. There were many ‘magic moments’ on the day – little success stories of achievement, sportsmanship and friendship.


Thank you to the many parents and grandparents for their support of our students at this event. Your cheering and clapping for ALL our students was much appreciated, and says a lot about the community at this school!

Thank you to our wonderful teachers for their ongoing support for the Physical Education programme at Queenies. We are lucky to have such a dedicated staff.

And a final pat on the back for our students. You make us proud every day.

If you have any photos from the day that you are happy to share, please email them to

#goqueenies        #happyandhealthy


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