Effort the Key.

Last Thursday saw our year 3 – 6 students push themselves in a physically and mentally challenging event – Faction Cross Country.

The weather was kind and the support was huge, with many parents, grandparents and siblings turning out to cheer on our runners. There were plenty of nerves before each race, but they were overcome and replaced with determination. It was such a rewarding experience for teachers, parents and classmates to see students dig deep and show resilience to complete the course. It is through events such as this that we can build resilience in our students – to give them the opportunity to face challenges, both mental and physical, and prove to themselves that nerves, discomfort and self doubt are temporary. Tough times pass, but tough people carry on.

Thank you to the many supporters for not only cheering for your children and your faction, but for supporting every last runner in each race too. You made each student feel worthy of admiration and kindness. Thank you to our wonderful staff for their efforts in helping in a variety of roles. Our new faction captains played an important part in the event, and I look forward to more of these opportunities this semester. Finally well done to our runners for accepting the challenge, facing their fears, pushing themselves past discomfort and showing such spirit.

Canning won the day with Luemmen collecting the ‘Bonus Points’ shield. For a list of our top 5 place getters, click here: team list 17


IMG_7889IMG_7895 3IMG_7893 2IMG_7901IMG_7888IMG_7887IMG_7892 2IMG_7899IMG_7894 2



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