Faction Cross Country

We have had a wonderful turnout of enthusiastic runners before school on Tuesdays and Fridays in recent weeks. It is a pleasing sight to see students exercising and socialising, completing as many laps a s they can and recording those laps on their ‘lap card’.

Next week our Faction Cross Country carnival takes place. The message being given to all students in the lead up to this event is an important one. Although distance running is a great challenge for most of us,  the reward comes from proving to one’s self that with persistence and resilience – ‘WE CAN DO IT.” It is important to expose children to these challenges to experience nerves, self doubt and physical discomfort, so that they learn how to overcome them. By preparing their bodies pre-race, pacing themselves, practicing positive self talk, and receiving encouragement from their parents, teachers and peers, they will see that just to finish the race is a triumph.

We hope to see many supporters there for a fun and rewarding day. The details are below.

Faction Cross Country Carnival

Training: Tuesdays and Fridays – 8.20am on the Annexe oval.

Carnival Details:

  • Thursday 10 August, 2017.
  • Queen of Apostles – school grounds
  • Yr 3 – 6 students
  • Yr 3 = 1.0km, Yr 4/5 = 1.5km, Yr 6 = 2.0km
  • Students wear their faction coloured t shirts, sports shorts, sports shoes.
  • Includes a parents, toddlers and teachers’ ‘Fun Run/Walk’ (500m) that will earn points for their faction.
  • Everyone earns faction points when they participate!
Approx. Start Time Event
12.30 Lunch
12.40 Toilet, prepare etc
12.50 Opening address
1.00 Yr 3 Girls
1.10 Yr 3 Boys
1.20 Yr 4 Girls
1.30 Yr 4 Boys
1.40 Parents and Teachers’ ‘Fun Run’
1.50 Yr 5 Girls
2.00 Yr 5 Boys
2.10 Yr 6 Girls
2.25 Yr 6 Boys
2.45 Presentations

#happyandhealthy       #wearequeenies

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