Proud of our Bunch!

Our Winter team sports events are over for another year, and once again it has been a successful season.

We started training back in the middle of term 1. All of our year 5 and 6 students were involved in either netball, soccer or football. With limited space to train on, sessions were organised at Riverton Reserve, as well as soccer training at lunch times and netball training sessions before school. We competed in four Friday Eagles Cup matches and an all-day Lightning Carnival. As you can imagine, this has required an enormous amount of preparation and effort by students, teachers and parent helpers.

But the benefits and rewards are huge. Not only do our students gain skills and knowledge in their chosen activity, but the life lessons that are learnt from sport are very important for the development of the whole person. We are fortunate to have the kind of leadership at Queen of Apostles that wilfully supports these sporting activities. Sadly, many schools are missing out on these opportunities, citing time, money and personnel as the reason for not participating. Our Principal, Shaun O’Neill spoke about this eloquently in a past issue of our newsletter. I encourage you to (re)read it here.

A very special thanks to our hard working teachers for their time, care and effort:

Mrs Boronovski, Mrs Higgins, Mr Wylie, Mr Ianello, Ms Laity, Mrs Spadaro, Mrs Lindsay.

It was wonderful to have the help from parent/grandparent volunteers and ex-students in various capacities:

Mr and Mrs Pendleton, Mr Koh, Mrs Pynes, Mr Alves-Veira, Mrs Kelleher, Mrs Ophel, Mia Paradiso, Ella McFerrin.

To these people we are grateful for your time and effort in helping make our term 2 Winter Sports events a success!

One thought on “Proud of our Bunch!

  1. Well done Ross! another very successful season – in terms of participation and skill development. Great to see them all involved and enjoying sport and competition … just for the sheer joy of it!





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