Congratulations to our girls and boys teams who competed so well at the CPSSA basketball carnival on Monday. Their fighting spirit, teamwork and skill shone through as our students thoroughly enjoyed each and every contest. I hope our players enjoyed playing as much as I and the many parents and grandparents enjoyed watching.

File_000 2

Basketball is a great team sport to play. You don’t need a lot of people to make a team, there are many basketball centres scattered around Perth and basketballs are cheap to buy. And if joining a team is not your thing, bouncing a ball in the driveway can be a fun way to exercise too.

Our girls team had a great day finishing with a 5-0 record, helping them to equal second on the ladder. Our boys met with some stiff opposition, and finished with an even 3-3 record. We had quite a few yr 5 students in our teams, so we look forward to their input at next year’s carnival.

A big thank you as I mentioned to the parent support we had on the day. In particular a special thanks goes to Nigel Strommen and Kent Radojkovich for taking the time to coach our teams. Our players have definitely benefitted from their coaching and experience. Thanks also to Adele Terrell for scoring.

#goqueenies #happyandhealthy



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