Eagles Cup #1

The time has finally come for our Eagles cup teams to test their skills and tactics against real opponents in round #1 of the competition. The preparation has been great with the fine weather enabling us an uninterrupted run of sessions. But now the practice is over and the matches begin. The details are:

  • Friday 19th May 2017
  • All teams play at All Saints College, Ewing St., Bullcreek
  • 1.35pm for a 1.40pm start.
  • Buses will have all students back at Queenies by 3.00pm.
  • Spectators are most welcome to attend and support our teams.
  • Parents must have signed the permission note that went out on the ‘Connected’ app. If you need a paper copy you can download one by clicking buspermission (1).

We are grateful for the parents who have given their time in helping prepare our teams. If there are any others who can lend a hand, particularly in the way of umpiring our teams, we would be very appreciative. If you can help, pleas email ross.bridgeman@cewa.edu.au.


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