Flynn Again!

Congratulations to Flynn for winning back-to-back swimming carnivals.

The day was non-stop action with races, relays, competitions, contests and presentations. Ours students once again showed tremendous spirit and sportsmanship throughout the day with super efforts in the pool, along with continuous support from the grandstand. There were many instances of bravery, resilience, camaraderie and respect which certainly made the many onlookers of teachers, parents, grandparents and peers very proud.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers for their help in running the carnival, and to the many parent helpers, without whom we could not have held many of our events. We are lucky to have such a supportive and inclusive culture here at Queenies.

Th final scores were:

Flynn 370, Canning 255, Magdlen 213, Luemmen 204

Canning won the ‘Bonus Points’ Shield, with terrific scores in the novelty events, and great support from the Canning parents in the pool, scoring and judging.


Our individual champions were:

Yr 4 Champions               Nathan Watters and Charissa Kheng

Yr 4 Runners-up             Ashton Fung and Sienna Lilly

Yr 5 Champions              Michael McFerrin and Isabella Alves-Viera

Yr 5 Runners-up             Matthew Radojkovich and Summer McCann

Yr 6 Champions             Luke Matthews and Mia Gostt

Yr 6 Runners-up           Sebasian Kelleher and Alessia Andritsos


#wearequeenies      #happyandhealthy


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