So what has PE been all about this year?

Dear students and parents,

I have collected photos of each year grouping as a representation of the activities we have covered in Physical Education classes this semester. 

Each year grouping (K/PP, Yr 1/2, Yr 3/4, Yr 5/6) has it’s own page on the ‘PE Lessons’ tab at the top of this homepage. I have added a paragraph or two explaining what the learning activities were and their importance in developing well-being through physical activity.

I encourage you to view the photos with your child(ren) so they can further explain what they have been discovering in Physical Education.

Some questions you might like to ask your child(ren):

Kindy – Yr 2:

  • What are the children playing in these photos?
  • What did you like about playing these games?
  • Do you have a favourite game? What is it?
  • Which activity do you like the least? Why?
  • Why does Mr B start each lesson with 60 seconds of stillness and silence?
  • Why do we play sport? What is good about it?
  • Tell me some rules you have to follow during sport lessons.
  • What sport or exercise games can we play at home during the holidays?

Yr 3-6:

  • Which activities were your favourite?
  • What do you think are your best skills?
  • What is the purpose of spending 60 seconds in silence at the beginning of each lesson?
  • What tactics and strategies did you discover were important in playing these games?
  • Did you learn anything about yourself this semester in terms of your abilities?
  • What does ‘resilience’ mean and why is it important to develop?
  • Do you plan to exercise over the Summer holidays? How? What activities?

I hope the photos, descriptions and discussions you have with each other give some insight into what PE and sport at Queen of Apostles is all about. I look forward to further developing the curriculum here next year and providing more learning opportunities for our students.

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas.

#wearequeenies #happyandhealthy


Ross Bridgeman – PE Teacher

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