Flynn back to back!

We were very proud of all our students for their huge efforts, fantastic behaviour and awesome sportsmanship displayed over two days of competition.  Sports carnivals are great events for students to practice the values of creativity, excellence, resilience and respect, and there were many examples of this.

After a fun-filled Day #2 it was Flynn who was awarded their second consecutive athletics carnival shield, capping off a great year after winning both the swimming and cross country shields. Flynn also won the ‘Bonus Points’ shield.


Final Scores:

Flynn 1516, Canning 1353, Luemmen 1167, Magdlen 1069


Individual Champions and Runners-up:

Yr 3 Champions – Charissa Kheng and Jo-Han Lam

Yr 3 Runners-up – Ruby Norrish and Brodie Davey

Yr 4 Champions – Summer McCann and Flynn Clemo

Yr 4 Runners-up – Natasha Hodgkinson and Matthew Radojkovich

Yr 5 Champions – Alicia Herbert and Jensen Herbert

Yr 5 Runners-up – Alessia Andritsos and Jeff Douce

Yr 6 Champions – Caitlin Hodgkinson and Kevin Tirta

Yr 6 Runners-up – Ceanna Iliffe-Rayner, Cinzia Montesi and Matteo Montesi







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