Term 3 PE

Once again we begin the term with a flurry of activity keeping our students busy, energised and entertained.

So far we have had:

Little Athletics clinics, Edu-dance, swimming lessons, before school lap running, after-school table tennis clinics, Faction Cross Country Carnival and the Littlies’ Lap-a-thon.

In addition to this, our classes have begun their athletics (‘races and relays’ for kindy to year 2) units in PE. Hopefully the weather will be kind in the coming weeks as we prepare for the Faction Athletics Carnival days early next term. Students will prepare for a variety of events, all the while learning important lessons such as:


  • Experience new activities and discover fun ways to play
  • Learn to move their bodies in a variety of ways
  • Make improvements to running technique.
  • Control their speed and breathing in longer races
  • Understand the body’s changes and what they mean.
  • Participate in races and relays fairly.


  • Learn about their own strengths and interests in deciding favourite activities.
  • Learn how to create and conduct fair races and relays when playing without adult supervision.
  • Make improvements to running technique, and use tips and strategies when in races and relays.
  • Learn to control pace and breathing for increased distances.
  • Understand the body’s changes and what they mean.
  • Learn the rules and procedures for races and relays


  • Discover their own strengths and challenges.
  • Develop a warm up habit.
  • Understand how technology is used for coaching and reflection
  • Develop sound technique.
  • Develop an understanding of what PBs are and how they are used.
  • Learn rules and safety procedures for athletics events


  • Understand why people choose/don’t choose athletics as a pass time.
  • Learn how routine makes technique automatic.
  • Learn the importance of technique.
  • Learn to move competently and improve.
  • Learn goal setting and how monitoring can assist.
  • Understand what is involved when officiating peer’s athletic events

We look forward to a productive and rewarding term as together, all Queenies community members enjoy being creative, pursuing excellence, developing resilience and showing respect.

#happyandhealthy            #wearequeenies



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