Flying Flynn!

After wins in Athletics and Swimming in recent times, Flynn made it three in a row with a win in today’s Faction Cross Country Carnival.

There were spirited performances all afternoon as our students pushed themselves to exhaustion. It was wonderful for our students to be supported so well by their classmates, other students and by the many parents and grand parents who created such a positive atmosphere. With a focus on resilience in PE, our students are developing a sense of determination and self motivation with each event they participate in at Queenies.

Final scores:

Flynn: 252, Magdlen 244, Luemmen 240, Canning 228


Race winners were:

Yr3: Charissa Kheng and Brodie Davey

Yr 4: Natasha Hodgkinson and Matthew Radojkovich

Yr 5: Alicia Herbert and Sebastian Kelleher

Yr 6: Caitlin Hodgkinson and Killian Jordan-Keane

Luemmen won the ‘Bonus Points’ shield, largely due to a great turn out at our lap-running sessions before school.


Lap running before school will continue, as it is a great way to start the day. Parents, teachers and all students re welcome: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the oval at 8.15am.

Interschool notes will be out in a couple of weeks. The Inter-school Cross Country Carnival will takes place on Tuesday 6th September.

For more pictures please see the ‘Queenies Riverton’ facebook page.

#happyandhealthy  #wearequeenies



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