Make A Splash!

Last week our swimmers put in a great effort at swim trials. This was a chance for students to test themselves out in 3 different strokes whilst getting timed so they can be placed into divisions. Thank you to the many parents who helped time, and to our teachers for their help in getting the kids organised. The divisions are now up in the corridor at school so kids can check for themselves. Parents are welcome to view this too.


So now it’s on to the carnival itself. The important details are below, along with a link to download the permission/information note and the programme.There are opportunities for parents to get involved on the day either by helping officiate races, or joining in with our fun novelty events.

  • Riverton Leisureplex (diagonally opposite Riverton Forum Shopping Centre)
  • This is an all day event for Yrs 4-6 (9.15am – 2.30pm)

        The Year 3 students will leave the venue at 12 noon.

  • The Yr 3 students will participate in short races and team relays in the shallow end with adult help in the water. No swimming proficiency is required. 
  • All parents and friends are welcome to spectate. An entry fee into the venue will apply. The faction bays are for students only please. This allows our teachers better control and organization of the students.
  • We require some adults to stand in the water to help out with the novelty games and 25m races. The class teachers will organise and supervise the children, but some help in the water (50m pool) would be appreciated. We also require 4 place judges for the swimming races. We use an iPad to help judge the finishes. Your help is appreciated. Please fill in the relevant permission slips below and return them to your child’s class teacher. Parents are also encouraged to bring their bathers and join in our novelty events!




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