Inter-school Athletics.

Interschool Athletics - Year 5 2015 066 Interschool Athletics - Year 5 2015 068

Congratulations to our athletes who pushed themselves to their limit in two days of competition at Santich Park. Queen of Apostles finished 7th out of 9 schools and had 3 medal winners. They were:

Alicia Herbert – Yr 4 Gold Medal

Caitlin Hodgkinson – Yr 5 Bronze Medal

Jade Patching – Yr 6 Bronze Medal

Thank you to Miss Laity, Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Jensen and Mr Iannello for their help over the two days. Thank you to the many parents who came along to support our team, especially Allison Hodgkinson for also helping to train our field events. Special mention must go to Kevin Tirta and Dannielle Norrish for stepping in as reserves at the last minute for some events. Finally well done to Sam Preece and Sienna Andritsos for leading our team so well.

As always our students’ behaviour and sportsmanship was excellent, showing the wider community what superb students we have here at this school. The team can be proud of their achievemnets and I hope they take some valuable lessons and experiences away from this event.


2 thoughts on “Inter-school Athletics.

  1. Way to go Kevin and Danielle! You both stepped up in our hour of need and had a go, not worrying about whether you came first or last. You both displayed the true “Queenie’s Spirit” of never giving up and always giving your best. I am very proud of both of you!


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