Athletics Day #1

Well done to all our students on their spirited performances on Tuesday. There were 9 school records broken in a wonderful display of skill and determination. The teamwork and enthusiasm our students always show at these events is wonderful to see. Thank you to the many parents who stepped in to help in a variety of roles.

For pictures you can go to our carnival results/pics page, or you can go along to the ‘Queenies Riverton’ facebook page.

The scores after day #1 events are:

Flynn 826, Canning 755, Magdlen 718, and Leummen 522.

A full list of champions, record breakers, results and pictures will be updated next week.

IMG_1102 IMG_1176 IMG_1179 IMG_1187 IMG_1195 12096166_10206481930785960_7618657493504758163_n 12143307_10206481929705933_2089064316062877164_n IMG_1067 IMG_1092


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