Queenies Athletics Carnivals

The time has arrived for the biggest sporting event on our calendar – the 2015 Faction Athletics Carnival – to be split over two days next week Tuesday 20th October (Yr 3-6) and Friday 23rd October (PP – Yr 6).

Our students have been preparing in PE classes and will have some extra sports sessions before the big event to get ready to show their stuff. Our last before-school training days are this Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8.15 am on the Annex oval.

As always parents are welcome and encouraged to come along and support the event by cheering on our students. For those extra keen to get close to the action, there are opportunities to help our teachers at the different events, particularly on Day #1. If you don’t mind raking, measuring, recording scores, place judging or giving out ribbons, simply let the teacher in charge of the event know you are there to help if needed. You can follow your children around to the different events so you don’t miss their performances.

All the programmes, times and important info can be downloaded by clicking here.

IMG_8479 IMG_8487 IMG_8342 IMG_8300 IMG_8297 IMG_1492


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