Cross Country Kids!

It was wonderful to see our year 3-6 students push themselves to their limits on the course during our Faction Cross Country Carnival. Wit a big turnout of parents and grandparents on hand to support our runners, the talent and effort on display was inspiring. Distance running is a great physical and mental challenge, and our students definitely rose to the occasion. It is a great example of resilience to not give up, but to keep going, even when the body wants to stop. Great work kids!

Thank you to the many parents, grandparents and extended school community for your big show of support for this event, and thank you to our teachers, Captains and Vice Captains for their help.

If anyone took some pics at the carnival and you are happy to share them, please email some to Thanks.

For more photos and a detailed list of results click here.

IMG_6184 IMG_6179 IMG_6173 IMG_6143 IMG_6147

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