Winter Sports Wrapped Up!

Our Interschool Winter sports season came to a close on Tuesday 23rd with all our teams competing in the CPSSA ( Lightning Carnival. In this all-day round-robin event Queen of Apostles played soccer, football and netball matches against other Catholic schools in our region. It was a cold morning but fine weather overall, and I am sure the students enjoyed the chance to play outside in this exciting event.

Although no shields made their way back to our school, our students once again showed a fighting spirit to compete all day long. Our football team won 4 games, while the soccer team held on for 2 draws. Wins were hard to come by for our netball teams as they faced stiff opposition from much bigger schools – our B team performing best with 2 wins for the day.

Many thanks go to the parents who regularly volunteered their time to help train, coach and umpire our teams: Sarah Kelleher, Belinda Fabling, Helen Pascoe, Shane Patching, Sue and Troy Angelsey, Dan Mahney, Yvonne Preece and David Wiedermann. Also we need to thank our teachers for their work with our students: Mrs Boronovskis, Miss Watts, Mr Iannello, Mrs Salvia, Mr O’Neill and Mr Wylie.

Some pictures of the netball carnival are below. If you took some snaps during the Eagles Cup or Lightning Carnival and are happy to share them, please email them to

IMG_7565 IMG_7558 IMG_7557 IMG_7554 IMG_7559 IMG_7560 IMG_7569 IMG_7568


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