Before-School-Running – the numbers so far…

kids running

Well done to all the students and parents who have been coming down to participate in some daily fitness before school on Tuesday to Fridays at 8.15am on the school oval. It is great to see our school keeping healthy and having fun.

Magdlen have had the most runners so far (32) followed by Luemmen and Flynn (22), then Canning (17). But it is Luemmen who have tallied the biggest number of laps (303), followed by Magdlen (253), Canning (201) and Flynn (196)

Can anyone catch up and take the lead from Luemmen?


Well done to our Interschool Basketball teams for their spirited performances Cockburn Basketball Stadium on Tuesday. Although the wins were few and far between, they never gave up – a trait common amongst Queenies kids!

Thank you to Mrs Salvia for helping on the day, to Aron Baroni and Jamie Norrish for coaching, and the many parents who came along to support our teams.

IMG_5105 IMG_5113 IMG_5110 IMG_5101 IMG_5094

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