Our Biggest Sporting Event!

Faction Athletics Carnival


It is the biggest sporting event on the Queen of Apostles calendar. All Pre-Primary to year 6 students are involved, and our Kindy 2 class was able to join us too. Students have spent the majority of term 3 preparing for the carnival, culminating in two days of competition and fun. There were many parents involved too, helping in many ways and joining in all the fun. We are blessed with a supportive and vibrant community here at Queen of Apostles. We are also blessed with helpful, dedicated and supportive teachers who work hard to bring enriching learning experiences to our students.

And our students are simply the best! Once again they participated in fine spirit, giving their all and behaving wonderfully.

In the end Canning were the victors, with Flynn taking out the ‘Bonus Points’ shield. For a full list of results, including a list of our talented champions and runners-up click here.

Did you take photos at the carnival? Don’t forget to enter the October Photo Comp.


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