Faction Sports Carnival Time!


Monday Sports Carnival Help

As always these big events require some assistance from the parent body, and I am sure that the wonderful support we have received in the past will continue.

If you would like to get close to the action, please let a teacher know on the day that you are willing to lend a hand, so that we can call on you if required. Some of the tasks involve raking long jump pits, helping measure field events, setting up and packing away equipment etc.

For those unsure about place judging – we use an iPad app that helps in the judging of places which takes the pressure off in those close finishes. (Place judges get the best view of the action!)

So don’t be shy, join in with the fun and be a part of it. There is always the chance of a parents team in the ‘Tug-o-war’, and the ‘Life-saver Relay’.

*Bus permission notes can be downloaded from https://qoape.com/factioncarnivalinfo/

Athletics Shoes

For those students wishing to wear their specialist running shoes that are not predominantly white – please bring them along in your bag. They can be worn during your events,  then you can change back to your white sports shoes. *Note: We are not permitted to use screw-in spikes at the venue.

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