New Inter-School Group – ASCS

Inter-school Sport 2020
In 2020 Queen of Apostles has elected to join a different group of schools for inter-school carnivals.
As our numbers are decreasing, it is appropriate that we play against schools that are of a similar size. The association we are joining is called A.S.C.S (Associated Southern Catholic Schools) and has St Pius X, St Patrick’s, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Fatima and Christ the King as other member schools.
This will mean some date/venue/sports changes for some carnivals. We will keep you informed of all sporting events as early as possible.

Inters’ Stars

Our Inter-school Athletics team competed in two days of track and field events at Santich park against 8 other CPSSA schools this week. Queen of Apostles are were the smallest school participating, but with skill and effort our students placed in many events, eventually finishing 6th overall, and 2nd in the A.P.P.S. (average points per student) shield. This is a tremendous feat, and one our students can be proud of. Queen of Apostles was also well represented by the large number of parent supporters, cheering on our stars over the two days.

Special mention must go to Mary Massoud (yr 4) and Zia Daby (yr 6) who both won gold medals. Well done girls.

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Magdlen Double!

Congratulations to Magdlen for taking out both shields in this year’s Faction Athletics Carnival.

Our students competed over two days in a variety of track and field, and novelty events. Both days were the culmination of a whole term’s work in PE, as all classes prepared for the big day to show our families, friends and themselves just what they are capable of. There were many ‘magic moments’ over the two days where students showed outstanding sportsmanship, determination and resilience.

The support from our community was once again outstanding with many parents and grandparents chipping in to help in a variety of ways, and joining in with novelty events and races. Finally, as always, our teachers were exceptional in helping put together this event for the benefit of our students. These carnivals are a tremendous opportunity for students to experience the highs and lows of sport, and then take these life lessons with them as they continue to develop and grow.

The results:

Outright Shield:

Magdlen 1187, Flynn 1065, Luemmen 1047, Canning 951.

Bonus Points Shield:

Magdlen 299, Luemmen 252, Flynn 229, Canning 165.

Champs and runners-up:

Yr 3 Champs – Ella Fair and Bryn Wilson

Yr 3 Runners-up – Emma Thomas and Noah Potthast

Yr 4  Champs – Mary Massoud and Kyle Willesen

Yr 4 Runners-up – Chantelle Barr and Alex Terrell

Yr 5  Champs – Saumia Panchalingham and Deacon Hollow

Yr 5 Runners-up – Imogen Watters and Sonny Scriven

Yr 6  Champs – Zia Daby and Jo-Han Lam

Yr 6 Runners-up – Sienna Lilly and Nathan Watters

Faction Athletics Training

We have had great turnouts to before-school training as kids put in extra practice leading up to our faction athletics carnivals.

Training will continue week 1 and Monday of week 2. Each participant earns points for their faction to go towards the ‘Bonus Points Shield’. The tally so far is:

Blue 42, Green 30, Red 57, Gold 40.


Athletics Carnival Day #1 Schedule

Dear Parents,

This is a schedule of events for our Faction Athletics Carnival Day #1 at Langford Oval – Wednesday 23 October 2019.

Special Note

  • Students please wear coloured faction shirts, sports uniform and white sports shoes.
  • If students choose to wear coloured hair spray -please only put this on at home.
  • Students need to take their school hat, drink bottle and a packed recess/lunch.
  • If alternative shoes are to be worn for races, students take these in their bag.
  • Students leaving the venue at the end of the day by car must see the child’s class teacher and be signed out by the parent/guardian.


                   9.00am          Students travel by bus to Langford Oval, Wingrove Ave, Langford.   


                        9.45am             Sprints.             Yr 3, 4 = 80m, Yr 5, 6 = 100m



Individual Long Jump and Team Long Jump

Individual Shot Put and Team Vortex Ind. 200m and Team Tug-o-war Individual Turbojav and Team Turbojav


Yr 6 Yr 3 (team only) Yr 4 Yr 5
11.05am Yr 5 Yr 6 Yr 3 Yr 4
11.40am Yr 4 Yr 5 Yr 6 Yr 3
12.15pm Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 Yr 6


12.50pm – Lunch Break


1.10pm                         400m                Yr 3, 4, 5, 6


1.40pm Parents’ Sprint Race


1.45pm Pack up and return to school.    




Thanks – Mr. Bridgeman

Cross Country Class

Congratulations to Queen of Apostles for their great showing at Tuesday’s Inter-school Cross Country Carnival. Queenies finished 8th overall, but third in the APPS shield – which is based on school enrolments. A great result for the smallest school participating.

This carnival culminates many mornings of lap running in which so many students have been involved in. The turnout each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning has been overwhelming.

Cross country is such a physically and mentally challenging event. We are proud of our team for pushing themselves across the line and showing resilience when faced with difficulty. Our students will grow from the experience.

Special mention must go to our dominant yr 6 girls team who placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 14th out of 45 runners! That is an amazing feat. Sienna Lilly and Ella Anton brought home silver and bronze medals respectively. Kyle Willesen placed 4th in the year 4 boys race.

Thank you to the many parents for helping support our team. The atmosphere in the Queenies camp was fantastic. Thank you to those parents who volunteered as course marshal. And finally thank you to Miss Jacob for looking after our team all day.


#goqueenies   #happyandhealthy

Faction Cross Country

Well done to our year 3 – 6 students for their incredible efforts at our Faction Cross Country Carnival last Friday. Thankfully the weather was kind and with a great turnout of parents and grandparents watching, our students pushed themselves to get to the line. We were so proud of our gifted runners and our challenged runners alike, with many individual stories of determination and effort.

We have had an amazing turnout of runners before school leading up to the carnival – 149 runners with a combined total of 6123 laps!

Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who supported all our runners. Your involvement created a supportive atmosphere. Thank you to our teachers for assisting on the day, and to our faction leaders for their input.

Luemmen won the day with the most points, while Magdlen won the ‘Bouns Points’ shield, largely due to the huge number of laps completed during lap running in the mornings.

The results:

Overall: Luemmen 267, Magdlen 256, Flynn 253, Canning 250.

Bonus points Shield: Magdlen

Race places (1st – 5th):

Yr 3 Girls – Emma Thomas, Scarlett Scriven, Ella Fair, Abby Hollow, Neve McDonald.

Yr 3 Boys – Jonathon Detata, Bryn Wilson, Archie Kolomyjec, Aditya Ranjan, Zachary Satherley

Yr 4 Girls – Mary Massoud, Laura Chadwick, Chantelle Barr, Olivia Lilley, Nethuli Sirikumara

Yr 4 Boys – Kyle Willesen, Nicholas Fenwick, Hudson Anton, Kasper Ojrzanowski, Alex Terrell

Yr 5 Girls – Saumia Panchalingam, Imogen Watters, Chloe Taylor, Juliet Wilson, Charlotte Indrisie

Yr 5 Boys – Sonny Scriven, Anthony Satherley, Deacon Hollow, Darcy Brown, Oliver Morton-Smith

Yr 6 Girls – Sienna Lilly, Ella Anton, Zia Daby, Charissa Kheng, Ruby Norrish

Yr 6 Boys – Oliver Fenwick, Nathan Watters, Aaron Vadukkut, Jo-Han Lam, Ashton Fung.


IMG_1331     IMG_1332IMG_1339         IMG_1344IMG_1342IMG_1345IMG_1347

More photos to follow.