More Ex-Queenies Shine!

A couple of ex-Queenies boys doing great things at Aquinas:

Pierre De Coubertin Award – Christopher Kilroe
A sincere congratulation to Year 12 student Christopher Kilroe (Year 12) who recently received the Pierre de Coubertin Award. Pierre was the founder of modern Olympics and was convinced of the importance of sport in the development of the individual. He believed in the qualities of excellence, sportsmanship and respect which embody the values of Olympism.
The Pierre de Coubertin Awards, an initiative of the Australian Olympic Committee, are designed to reward not only the elite sports people but those that display strong character and ideals, representing the school at the highest standard both on and off the field.

Previous WA winners of this award include Fergus Kavanagh (Olympian, Hockey), Kim Mickle (Olympian, Athletics), Harry Taylor (Geelong FC) and Daniel Wells (North Melbourne FC).
Christopher and 32 other WA athletes were invited to an Olympic Academy Day held prior to the Presentation Ceremony, which provided students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about leadership, goal setting and resilience from some of WA’s Olympic heroes. Olympians Jesse Phillips (Sprint Kayak); Tamsin Cook (Swimming); Danielle Kettlewell (Synchronised Swimming) and Rhys Grant (Rowing) shared their own Olympic journey with the students.

Christopher also learnt about the Olympic movement and toured the WA Institute of Sport high performance facility.

Connor Foy (Yr 12 Prendiville)
On Saturday 8th September Connor was awarded Basketball WA Referee of the Year at the annual WABL awards night. Other achievements this year include selection to referee a pre-season State Basketball League game as well as inclusion in the Basketball WA State Referee Development squad. Connor will represent Basketball WA at the upcoming National Junior Championships in Melbourne, be a Basketball WA D League referee and finals referee for BWA WABL Championships. Congratulations Connor!



Athletics Carnival Day #1 Schedule

A copy of this schedule, along with permission notes and other info can be found by clicking the ‘Quick search notes and info’ tab at the top.

9.45am        Sprints.            Yr 3, 4 = 80m,      Yr 5, 6 = 100m 



Long Jump 


Team Long Jump 


Shot Put 


Team Vortex 




Team Turbojav 

Ind. 200m 




10.30am  Yr 6  Yr 5   Yr 4  Yr 3 
11.05am  Yr 3  Yr 6  Yr 5  Yr 4 
11.40am  Yr 4  Yr 3  Yr 6  Yr 5 
12.15pm  Yr 5  Yr 4  Yr 3  Yr 6 


12.50pm –       Lunch Break 


1.10pm           400m       Yr 3, 4, 5, 6 


1.40pm           Year level fun sprints (parents welcome to join in) 


2.00pm           Parents Race 


2.10pm         Pack up and return to school. 

Athletics Practice

Athletics practice began last week with many students coming along to improve their skills leading up to our athletics carnivals early next term.

On Tuesdays our year 3 – 6 students can practice throws and jumps (field events). On Fridays all Pre primary – year 6 students can practice running events (track). It was great to see some of our pre-primary kids there enjoying some activity before the school day begins.

Training begins at 8.20am on the Annex oval, and will continue until our carnivals take place next term in week 3.


The carnival dates are:

Tuesday 23rd October at Langford Oval (yrs 3 – 6, track and field).

Thursday 25th October at Queenies (PP – yr 6, sprints, relays and novelties).

Calm Kids Returns

After some time away, Calm Kids returned last week for a large bunch of students who were glad to see it back. Calm kids is a session where Queenies kids can come in to the library  (Friday lunch time) and engage in quiet, calm activities. The room is dimly lit, soft music plays, and the students have a range of mindful activities to engage in, such as colouring in, fine motor activities, or simply sitting amongst the calm and stillness.

Calm Kids is optional, and students can come and go as they please. It is a quiet place where we don’t talk, and it offers a ‘sanctuary’ to get away from the business and noisiness of school life.

Calm Kids will continue each and every Friday lunch time whenever possible.

Colouring in.
Coloured stones – great for making mosaic creations.
Separating coloured beads.
Glitter jars.
Cards – sorting activities.

Athletics Carnival Important Information

Dear Queenies Community, 
Below is a list of points about the 2018 Athletics carnivals.  

 Athletics practice: 

  • Commences Week 9 on Tuesdays, starting 11 September (field events- Yr 3-6 only) and Fridays (running events – PP-6) both at 8.20am on the Annexe oval.  
  • Each student who comes along to training earns points for their faction towards the ‘Bonus Points Shield’. 

 Carnival #1: 

  • Tuesday 23 October from 9.15am @ Langford Oval (Wingrove Ave, Langford) for all students in Years 3 – 6. 
  • Events include sprints, 200m, 400m, long jump, shot put, turbojav and novelty events  
  • Trials for these events take place at school prior to the carnival during P.E./Sport lessons.  
  • The top 8 boys and top 8 girls in each year compete in shot put, long jump and turbojav. 
  • All students participate in a sprint, vortex and team turbojav. 
  • All students compete in 200m races. 
  • Students can nominate themselves for the 400m races on the day. 
  • All competitors participate in the tug-o-war and ‘Lifesaver Relay’.  
  • A detailed programme with bus permission will be available soon. 


Carnival #2: 

  • Thursday 25 October @ Queenies for PP – 2 (9.30 – 11.30am) and Yr 3 –6 (12.30 – 3pm). 
  • Events include 4 novelty events, sprints (50m for PP-2, 70m for 3-6), and shuttle relays. 
  • There will be Kindy and toddler races in the morning session. 
  • There will also be opportunities for parent involvement. 
  • A detailed programme will be available soon. 



Champion events for year level champion and runner up medal winners are: 

  • Yr 3- Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division only). 
  • Yr 4-6 – Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division), shot put. 


Ross Bridgeman 

Physical Education Teacher. 

Hockey Star on the Rise!

Ex-Queenie Seraphina Andrew represented WA in the SSWA National Hockey Tournament recently held in Newcastle. Seraphina scored a great deflection goal vs SA. Her first at national level. Seraphina had a great tournament. She was on top form, dribbling, making solid overlapping runs and doing a great job as first runner in defensive penalty corners. She showed her skills with her dribble past some of the best players in her age group. She showed us all that she can play at that level.

Congratulations Seraphina!


Proud of our Cross Country Kids

Well done to our hardworking team for their determined efforts today. Great to see these spirited kids try their best for the blue and gold. They were up against some tough opposition, but held their heads up high and pushed right through to the finish.

Although we placed 9th overall, we finished in 4th place in the A.P.P.S. (Average Points Per Student) Shield. A great effort from one of the smallest schools there.

Miss Laity was very appreciative of our year 6 leaders who were a great help all day long. We also had many parents and grandparents in support. Thank you to those who offered to help out with our course marshal obligations.

Special mention must go to Sienna Lilly for placing second.

file-4 (1).jpeg

Thank you also to Hudson Pereira, and Isabella and Amelia Detata for filling in at late notice when others could not compete.

If you were there and took some photos that you are happy to share, please email them to

#goqueenies     #happyandhealthy