Good Luck!

Good luck to our Inter-school Athletics team who compete next Monday 31st October and Thursday 3rd November. The effort at training has been fantastic and we are ready to give our all for the blue and gold!

For more details about the carnival you can go to

You can download a copy of the parents’ programme with a lists of events and approximate times by clicking here: 16 cpssa aths carn parents program

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Flynn back to back!

We were very proud of all our students for their huge efforts, fantastic behaviour and awesome sportsmanship displayed over two days of competition.  Sports carnivals are great events for students to practice the values of creativity, excellence, resilience and respect, and there were many examples of this.

After a fun-filled Day #2 it was Flynn who was awarded their second consecutive athletics carnival shield, capping off a great year after winning both the swimming and cross country shields. Flynn also won the ‘Bonus Points’ shield.


Final Scores:

Flynn 1516, Canning 1353, Luemmen 1167, Magdlen 1069


Individual Champions and Runners-up:

Yr 3 Champions – Charissa Kheng and Jo-Han Lam

Yr 3 Runners-up – Ruby Norrish and Brodie Davey

Yr 4 Champions – Summer McCann and Flynn Clemo

Yr 4 Runners-up – Natasha Hodgkinson and Matthew Radojkovich

Yr 5 Champions – Alicia Herbert and Jensen Herbert

Yr 5 Runners-up – Alessia Andritsos and Jeff Douce

Yr 6 Champions – Caitlin Hodgkinson and Kevin Tirta

Yr 6 Runners-up – Ceanna Iliffe-Rayner, Cinzia Montesi and Matteo Montesi







Quick Reference – Aths Programme

Athletics Day #2 Friday 21 October: Pre Primary – Year 2

9.30am      –        March onto oval

                                    Zig Zag       Pass Ball      Flag Relay    Sack Relay  

9.40am      Event 1     Pre-P             Year 1         Year 2

9.50am      Event 2                            Pre-P          Year 1            Year 2

10.00am    Event 3     Year 2                                Pre-P             Year 1

10.00am    Event 4     Year 1           Year 2                                 Pre-P


Time                                     Event

10.20am                           Pre Primary Races

10.30am                           Yr 1 Races

10.40am                           Yr 2 Races

10.50am                           Kindy and Toddlers’ Races



11.00am             Pre Primary Baton Relay  (plus parents’ team)          

11.10am             Yr 1 Baton Relay      (plus parents’ team)                          

11.20am             Yr 2 Baton Relay  (plus parents’ team)

11.30am             Pre Primary – Yr 3 Return to class


11.30pm – 12.30pm – Lunch

12.30pm             Yrs 3 – 6   March onto oval

                     Zig Zag       Tunnell ball   Flag Relay  Leaderball

12.40pm      Year 3        Year 4               Year 5            Year 6

12.50pm     Year 6        Year 3               Year 4            Year 5

1.00pm       Year 5           Year 6               Year 3            Year 4  

1.10pm      Year 4        Year 5               Year 6            Year 3   


1.20pm        Year 3 Races

1.30pm        Year 4 Races              

1.40pm        Year 5 Races                            

1.50pm         Year 6 Races


Teams for Relays:

Top 4 boys with top 4 Girls (8 runners)

2.00pm                  Year 3 Mixed Relay

2.05pm                  Year 4 Mixed Relay

2.10pm                  Year 5 Mixed Relay

2.15pm                  Year 6 Mixed Relay


2.20pm                  Multi-age relay:

                                 1 boy, 1 girl from yr 3 – 6  (8 runners per team)


2.25pm                  Captains vs Teachers Tug-o-war


2.40pm                                 P R E S E N T A T I O N S

So Far…….

What an amazing day it was for the first part of our athletics carnival. All our students tried so hard, with many outstanding performances. The sportsmanship, resilience, respect and effort was pleasing to witness, and I am sure the many parents who came along would agree.

Students participated in sprints, 200m, 400m, shot put, long jump, turbo-jav, vortex, tug-o-war and the life-saver relay.

And so, the scores so far are…….

Flynn 941

Canning 820

Luemmen 622

Magdlen 590

We look forward to another exciting day on Friday when the tallies will soar, and the fun and games will not want to be missed. We hope to see you there!



Quick Reference for Aths Day #1

This is a schedule of events for our Faction Athletics Carnival Day #1 at Langford Oval – Monday 17 October 2016.


Special Note

  • Students please wear coloured faction shirts, sports uniform and sports shoes.
  • If students choose to wear coloured hair spray -please only put this on at home.
  • Students need to take their school hat, drink bottle and a packed recess/lunch.
  • No clothing other than correct school uniform specified above please.
  • Students leaving the venue at the end of the day by car must see the child’s class teacher and be signed out by the parent/guardian.


     8.45am Students travel by bus to Langford Oval, Wingrove Ave, Langford.    

    9.30am Sprints. All Yr 3, 4 = 80m, All Yr 5, 6 = 100m

Team Vortex Long Jump 200m Shotput
10.15am All Yr 3 Selected Yr 4 All Yr 5 Selected Yr 6
10.45am All Yr 6 Selected Yr 3 All Yr 4 Selected Yr 5
11.15am All Yr 5 Selected Yr 6 All Yr 3 Selected Yr 4
11.45am All Yr 4 Selected Yr 5 All Yr 6 Yr 3 Lunch


12.15pm – Short Break for students, teachers and parent helpers.


Tug-o-war 400m Turbojav Life-saver Relay
12.40pm All Yr 5 Yr 4 (optional) All Yr 3 All Yr 6
1.00pm All Yr 6 Yr 5 (optional) All Yr 4 All Yr 3
1.20pm All Yr 3 Yr 6 (optional) All Yr 5 All Yr 4
1.40pm All Yr 4 Yr 3 (optional) All Yr 6 All Yr 5


2.00pm Pack up and return to school.

Super Effort!

Our Inter-school Cross Country team did us proud last Tuesday with a huge effort in this difficult event. Our team of forty runners gave their all against eight other schools at Manning Park in Spearwood. Although we found it tough against some talented opposition, I was proud of the resilience shown by our runners to push themselves until the very end. The highlight of the day was seeing our own Alicia Herbert win the year 5 girls race!

Other runners deserving special mention are:

Matt Radojkovich – 7th in year 4 boys, Jenna Milford – 10th in year 6 girls, Killian Jordan-Keane – 10th in year 6 boys, Sienna Lilly – 14th in year 3 girls and Kayla Ayu Santoso – 15th in year 3 girls.

Thank you to Mr Wylie and Mr Ianello for helping the team, and to Jenny Ophel, Sarah Kelleher and Helen Pascoe for assisting on the course.

As always Queen of Apostles had great support from parents and grandparents who were there to cheer on our team.



Aths Carnival Info

Athletics practice:

  • Commences Week 9 on Tuesdays (field events- Yr 3-6 only) and Thursdays (running events – Yr 1-6) all at 8.15am on the Annexe oval.
  • Each student who comes along to training earns points for their faction towards the ‘Bonus Points Shield’.


Carnival #1:

  • Monday 17 October from 9.15am @ Langford Oval (Wingrove Ave, Langford) for all years 3 – 6.
  • Events include sprints, 200m, 400m, long jump, shot put, turbojav and novelty events
  • Trials for these events take place at school prior to the carnival during P.E./Sport lessons.
  • The top 8 boys and top 8 girls in each year compete in shot put, long jump and turbojav.
  • All students participate in a sprint, vortex and team turbojav.
  • All students compete in 200m races.
  • Students can nominate for the 400m races on the day.
  • All competitors participate in the tug-o-war and ‘Lifesaver Relay’.
  • A programme with bus permission will be available later this term.


Carnival #2:

  • Friday 21 October @ Queenies for PP – 2 (9.30 – 11.30am) and Yr 3 –6 (12.30 – 3pm).
  • Events include 4 novelty events, sprints (50m for PP-2, 70m for 3-6), and shuttle relays.
  • There will be Kindy and toddler races in the morning session.
  • There will also be plenty of races and activities for parent involvement!
  • A detailed programme will be available later this term.


Champion events for year level champion and runner up medal winners are:

  • Yr 3- Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division only).
  • Yr 4-6 – Cross country, long jump, turbojav, 200m, 400m, sprint (A division), shot put.